Together, we can make earth great

Project Oasis provides services and stories for businesses to reduce and remove carbon emissions.

We want to work with you

Are you passionate about walking new paths, finding keys to unlock value, creating stories worth sharing and building bridges between capital, climate and the community? At Project Oasis we strive to combine business and ecology. Some ideas we can explore:

  • Developing innovative and impactful solutions
  • Avoiding, reducing or removing carbon emissions
  • Designing or improving sustainability strategies
  • Aligning business and environmental goals
  • Turning climate action into competitive advantage
We offer collaboration and consulting for business and project development, research and innovation management, marketing and communication concepts. We are curious about the questions you have and look forward to hear from you. Let's reverse climate change.

How to get started

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Samuel Bühlmann Project Oasis

Project Oasis
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